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Making your app ideas come to life

As app developers, Fort can help bring your app ideas to life using solid coding techniques, responsive user interfaces and deployed over multiple systems including iOS and Android or simply to operate within the browser environment. We're based in Cornwall but happy to work with you wherever you're located.

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Focused on solutions

App development that provides solutions from e-learning through to boosting productivity or supporting remote teams

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User-friendly UX design

Easy to use by your targeted audience with great components skinned with your brand.

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Outstanding performance

Throughout your app development project the app will be thoroughly tested to ensure it’s quick and memory efficient

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Securing your data

From the outset of your apps development we’ll discuss critical data and how to keep it secure.

App developer based in Cornwall

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By: Tim Bowerbank
Role: App Developer

Business Apps and 2D Games

As an app developer Fort can help bring your app ideas to life using solid coding techniques, responsive user interfaces and deployed over multiple systems including: iOS and Android or simply to operate within the browser environment. We’re based in Cornwall but happy to work with you wherever you may be located.

An app developer that provides solutions

We’ll take your brief, or support you to scope exactly what you need your app to achieve from - e-learning objectives through to boosting the productivity of your workforce, 2D games or supporting teams that work remotely. For example, you may require an app to support your workforce working remotely across the county of Cornwall or may simply want to create a directory of businesses.

User interface excellence

It is a key priority for any app developer to ensure that the user of the app has an excellent experience. Sliders, animated screens, buttons, spinners, call outs plus lots more - we can use a large range of app development components to ensure that your targeted users have the best user-experience. All aspects of the app can be skinned with your logo and chosen brand colours, fonts and icons and will look great on retina (high definition) and non-retina screens.


In today’s mobile world there are a multitude of different devices and therefore different screen sizes. As app developers our crucial role is to ensure that your app responds to the different sized screens, looks great and functions as expected. Whilst developing an app for Cornwall’s business sector we used the responsive component library called Feathers, it allowed us to create multiple widgets including a weather widget for weather in Cornwall as-well-as a Cornish business directory.

Dealing with multiple screen sizes as-well-as screen resolutions was a critical element whilst developing an app for Cornwall’s business sector

App performance is critical

Throughout the app development project we’ll ensure that your app hits performance goals so that it’s operable on a wide range of device specifications from the newest iPhone X through to older versions (within reason). Performance is a key element that will be built into your project right from the beginning of the scope-of-work to ensure that devices are not overburdened with excessive components or functionality per app screen - it is recommended that you discuss performance with your app developer right from the start of the project.

Securing your data

As professional app developers we naturally take data protection very seriously and, where necessary, it will be encrypted to prevent unauthorised access. Recent proposals for a client based in Cornwall have examined encryption to maximize data security. We’ll discuss this right from the outset of your app development project and will create a strategy that keeps data safe and secure.

Manage data centrally and remotely

As part of your app development you may require a central administration system to support management of your data and this can be included in the original scope of your app project. This is especially useful for managing data between central offices and workers who are working remotely but submitting updates frequently. Particularly in a county like Cornwall, where distances to a central office can be great, it makes great sense to be able to synchronize remotely - providing a greatly improved flow of data between head office and remote workers.

Our apps can help you support employees operating remotely. Synchronizing data so that teams are kept up-to-date with tasks and other critical information.

Geolocation services

Geolocation can be built into your app so that if you require latitude and longitude functionality this can be easily achieved. Many apps use the useful features of this service to log important location information. We used Geolocation services as part of our business directory for Cornwall and also as part of a weather widget that pulled in met office weather from sites around Cornwall.

Quality Assurance

Testing is a very important aspect of development and should be a priority for your app developer. Apps can become complex and easily crashed if they have not been thoroughly debugged before release. We test all components and their functionality as we go and build in code that will deal with unanticipated errors in data or other aspects that could trigger a crash. Before we launch any app it will go through a rigorous testing process to identify any weaknesses, or bugs that may lead to poor performance or other quality issues. Ensure you discuss quality assurance with your app developer and how bugs will be fixed post launch.

Cross platform (Apple and Android Systems)

Our native apps are built to use the cross-platform runtime known as Adobe Air (as used by the Angry Birds application plus thousands of others) - it means that apps can be installed on both Apple and Android devices utilizing just one code base - thus providing a great cost benefit.

We are passionate about the Adobe Air coding language we use; since 2004 we have used the ActionScript 3 (AS3) object oriented code base to create interactive games and applications. In the context of AS3 we use the Starling and Feathers frameworks. Depending on the app’s complexity it’s possible that the native app can be built using HTML and javascript libraries and would discuss this during the project start sessions.

For apps that run in the browser, we use a combination of HTML5, javascript, javascript libraries and CSS.

Marketing your app

Fort aren’t just app developers, we also specialise in marketing strategy and communications. We are therefore well positioned to discuss and advise on how to launch and create awareness of your app to your targeted users through many different communication channels to ensure that your app achieves its original objectives.

We’re app developers based in Falmouth, Cornwall but we’re happy to work with you wherever you may be located. We’d love to discuss your app requirements, hear your plans and work together to create an app that does just what you want.