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Marketing training and coaching to help your business succeed

Get up-to-speed with your marketing in a flash. Fort Marketing provides marketing training and coaching. This service can work really well if you feel that you, or a member of your team, could do with some extra training in certain topics or coaching through specific marketing tasks. We're located in Cornwall but we're happy to work with you wherever you may be located.

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1 to 1 sessions

Focusing on your objectives, assessing skill gaps and creating a plan for moving forward.

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Structured approach

Our approach is to provide structure; the perfect recipe which can be followed in the future.

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Telephone and email support

Inbetween coaching sessions we’re there to provide you with extra support.

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Project management

Agreed inbetween session tasks added and tracked through our project management software.

Marketing Training in Cornwall

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By: Tim Bowerbank
Role: Marketing Trainer and Coach

Fort Marketing provides marketing training and coaching. This service can work really well if you feel that you, or a member of your team, could do with some extra training in certain topics or coaching through specific marketing tasks.

For example, an employee might be new to the role of marketing and need to get to grips quickly with critical tasks, if you haven’t time to nurture them through this early phase then we can provide the backup that they’ll need to ensure they are able to add value quickly and become more independent in their marketing role.

Equally, you may be exploring some new marketing techniques for targeting a market segment based in Cornwall, or different marketing options or technology and need training, for example, you may have recently invested in a new CRM (customer relationship tool) and you need support with setting it up, including: the writing of email templates, structuring of data, creating useful reports; we can work with you to help you sort these kinds of tasks.

Our marketing coaching approach

Working with individuals to help them with their marketing skills and tasks.

1 to 1 sessions:

Any marketing coaching will involve one to one sessions that focus on your objectives, defining the best strategy and what skills will be required. Working with you we’ll define where the skills gaps are and what training and coaching is required to bridge those gaps. The process will involve multiple sessions, usually meeting once or twice a month. During each session objectives and tasks are set to be achieved by the next session. All tasks set will be neatly defined by key steps, expected time to complete the task and have a start and finish date; all of which will then be loaded onto our project management software. The software will send you daily email reminders for tasks and give updates on progress to other key members of staff should they require it to help keep track of progress.

We’ve been providing 1 to 1 marketing coaching sessions in Cornwall since 2005.

Creating the perfect recipe:

Our approach aims to give you or your team a structured approach to marketing tasks. So when the marketing coaching has finished your team have the methodology, techniques and resources to follow; like following a recipe. For example, steps to creating and implementing effective marketing campaigns.

We helped one Cornwall based business to create a marketing campaign. During the campaign development we provided coaching and plenty of structure and helpful tips so that any future campaigns could follow the same process.

Telephone and email support:

If in-between the one-to-one sessions you or your employee get stuck with a task then we’re on hand to provide some guidance either by email or over the phone. Equally, if you’ve chosen to meet once a month then we can do weekly or 2 weekly marketing catch-ups through video conferencing or over the phone.

Project management:

During and after one-to-one sessions the tasks that have been agreed will be added to our project management software. It’s a superb way for keeping track of progress, exchanging comments, tracking time and sharing important documents. The software sends important email reminders each day to ensure that the person being coached can stay on target with their tasks and learning.

Think of our marketing coaching as having your own marketing manager who may be inducting a new member of staff into the marketing team.

Our marketing training approach:

Working with you to train you so that you can handle specific marketing tasks with ease. We will shortly have a range of marketing courses for you.

If you have any specific marketing training that you require then please let us know. We can always put together a package of learning to help meet your needs.

About your coach and trainer

Your marketing coach and trainer is Tim Bowerbank, an experienced and trained marketing professional with more than 20 years of frontline marketing experience. Tim specialises in digital marketing but has also implemented many more traditional campaigns since his career pre-dates the mainstream Internet!