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Effective communication through our graphic design services

Professional documents, adverts or other marketing collateral that leaves a lasting impact and helps you to communicate effectively. Our graphic design services are focused on best-practice marketing: we can help you to create the message and content plus select the most appropriate media and channel to deliver it through. We're based in Falmouth, Cornwall, but happy to work with you wherever you may be located.

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From Business cards to reports

We can create a wide-range of marketing collateral for your business

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Extra marketing oomf

Graphic design that’s centred on best-practice marketing to give you that extra marketing oomf

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Creative energy

Creative ideas and approach that will connect with your target audience and communicate effectively

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Effective deployment

Attention to detail and quality checked throughout to ensure you’re satisfied with the final job

Graphic design services in Cornwall

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By: Tim Bowerbank
Role: Design and Marketing

Professional documents, adverts or other marketing collateral that leaves a lasting impact and most importantly helps you to communicate effectively so that your goals are achieved. Our graphic design services are focused on best-practice marketing - we can help you to create the message and content plus select the most appropriate media and channel to deliver it through. From there, we’ll liaise with you to create the document, quality check it, approve and then send it for print or publish to digital format.

When you use Fort Marketing’s graphic design services you’ll be working directly with a trained and experienced marketing professional to help you ensure you get the best out of your print and digital collateral.

We’re also very happy to work to your graphic design brief without marketing input as-well-as working on existing design templates to create new or alternate versions. We’re based in Falmouth, Cornwall but would look forward to working with you wherever you are located.

From business cards and brochures to annual reports

Our graphic design services can deliver a wide range of print collateral including - business cards, adverts, flyers, folders, brochures, sales presentations, reports and banners.

Also, you may be interested in articles that we write to help improve your graphic design and how it interacts with your marketing message. Our latest articles follow.

Effective communication through

Understanding the target audience

All our graphic design projects start with seeking to better understand the audience that you are targeting. Once we have an accurate definition of the target it will help support further decision-making on the graphic design path that we choose to follow.

For example, you may be targeting visitors to Cornwall; we’d work with you to define the exact segment that you’re targeting within this group, e.g. families, solo travellers, couples, etc. From there, this segment data will input into the creative strategy used and how the final design looks and feels.

Understanding your communication objectives

As part of the initial process, we also aim to establish your clear communication objectives. We work to identify what you want to say and start to work through how this could be communicated through the marketing collateral.

Aligning with your positioning

We’ll thoroughly discuss how you want to be perceived within your marketplace and ensure that your positioning is integrated into the look and feel of the graphic design piece.


We’re proud of our creative approach. We will think through the best options to ensure that, from a design perspective, you have every opportunity to hook your target audience; communicating effectively and encouraging them into the action that you want them to take.

Using the example we used earlier, if your business is targeting visitors to Cornwall then, if appropriate, we may make strong connections between the Cornish environment and the needs of the segment that we discussed earlier.

Logical layouts

Our graphic design service will provide you with print or digital collateral that has a logical layout - leading the reader through your document in a way which is best for hitting the communication objectives.

Split seconds to communicate

In today’s busy world with consumers bombarded with thousands of messages, there are only split seconds for your target audience to take note of and understand your marketing material. We’ll ensure that your graphic design piece is clear, stands out and be to the point; giving every opportunity for your communication objective(s) to be achieved.

Again, using our earlier example, if you’re targeting any segment of the 5 million tourists to Cornwall each year, then this is a very competitive marketplace. We’ll ensure that your final design stands out from the crowd and communicates your proposition effectively.

Fantastic fonts

From the outset of your project with Fort Marketing we’ll quickly get to grips with your existing brand font library and how much creative freedom we have with introducing fonts, for example, to grab the reader’s attention with headlines and other key elements.

Complementary palettes

We’ll follow your brand’s colour palettes and, as with fonts, aim to better understand how much flexibility we have with introducing complementary colours to any marketing piece to increase contrast on areas of the design that need to stand out. This is especially true with any monochromatic palettes inspired by, for example, your logo.

Sourcing images with impact

If your existing image library is limited then as part of our graphic design service we’ll look to source images to support the design work. We’ll always provide you with multiple options and provide images that suit your brand. We can work with your photographer or support you with finding a suitable one.

For example, we can source many great images of Cornwall for supporting your design.

Graphic design with extra marketing oomf…

Your graphic design project is undertaken by a trained and experienced marketing professional. Any marketing collateral developed by Fort Marketing will be centred on marketing best-practice methodology.

Connecting with your target audience

We’ll listen intently to what you tell us about your target audience. We’re a strong believer that a more relevant and targeted message is going to help you convert prospects into customers far quicker than broad one-size-fits-all messages. What we then create through our graphic design services strives to make that invaluable connection with your target audience and help progress them from awareness of your business to making a decision to become your buyer.

Creating compelling content

If you need us to we can support you with creating the content within the graphic design piece. We can generate creative headlines, source images that have impact and write quality copy with bold and prominent calls to action; all with the purpose to succinctly deliver your key messages to your target audience and compel them to become a customer.

If you have a graphic design project in mind we’d love to hear from you to discuss how we can help fortify it. We’re located in Falmouth, Cornwall but we work with clients across the UK. Give us a call.