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Be found, convert to customer, be secure and easily managed by you

These are the base principles for our website design services. We think of your website as the mothership of all your marketing; it must provide a return on your investment by creating leads and helping to convert them into customers. We're based in Falmouth, Cornwall but we'd be happy to work with you wherever you may be.

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Eye-catching responsive design

Your website will look great on mobile, tablet and desktop devices across a range of browsers

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Support to reach higher rankings

We can provide you with advice, reports and training to help reach higher rankings in Google. We structure and code your site to help achieve these goals.

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Best-practice marketing built-in

Best practice marketing included by our trained and experienced marketing professional

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Training on your system included

We’ll train you so that you feel confident managing your website’s content management system

Website design services based in Cornwall

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By: Tim Bowerbank
Role: Web Developer, Design and Marketing

Be found…

As part of our website design service we can include a strategic review with search engine optimisation (SEO) recommendations and/or training. We’ll focus our efforts on understanding where your business needs to be found in the search engine results pages and give you a realistic plan for what we need to do in order to have every opportunity to get you there. From this point, we’ll structure, design and code your site in a way that gives it the optimum chance for achieving those SEO objectives. We’ve achieved outstanding results on the web including page one positions in competitive environments and thoroughly understand the task to achieve this. We’ve been developing websites in Cornwall since 2005 and have more than 20 years experience in building successful sites.

Convert to Customer…

We’ll work with you to ensure that: content is compelling, user experience is excellent and that calls to action are prominent and strong. Our website design service is centred around best-practice marketing, implemented by a trained marketing professional with more than 20 years frontline marketing experience; so you can be assured you’ve done all that you can to create solid leads and support conversion into customer.

For example, you may be targeting marine businesses in Cornwall. Throughout the website design process we’d be ensuring that the core messages that are delivered by your new website are aligned with the needs of the targeted marine businesses.

Be easily managed by you…

We can implement a range of content management systems that match your objectives and skills, so it can be easily managed by you. Prior to engaging with Fort Marketing for your website design we can ensure that you have a thorough introduction and demo of the different systems that we can implement. Our top systems that we use are…

As part of our website design service we’ll also ensure that you have training plus links to helpful documentation for frequent tasks such as adding images, amending headlines on sliders, adding content to important SEO tags and more.

We have worked with many business based in Cornwall and further afield to support them with choosing a content management system that best suits their needs and the skill level of the employee that will be using the content management system.

Our website design Cornwall services also deliver:

Eye-catching Responsive Website Designs

All the websites that we design are built to look great on mobiles, tablets and desktop devices. As part of our website design process we’ll discuss with you your targeted audience and what devices they use, from there we’ll focus our efforts on ensuring that your prospects and customers have an excellent mobile or desktop experience when they visit your new website.

No worry system updates…

Your website needs to be secure, in order to achieve this the content management system (CMS) needs to be kept up-to-date. Fortunately all CMS providers make this an easy task. However, with systems like WordPress we’ve seen many sites with a strong reliance on plugins - often these plugins are not updated as frequently as the core WordPress system and are sometimes incompatible with new WordPress versions. If you rely on the plugin to do an important task this can keep you locked into an older WordPress version - leaving you open for hacking.

At Fort we like to ensure that there is no strong reliance on plugins that could prevent updates to your core system and that key tasks can be done without plugins. We also provide the Jekyll CMS which doesn’t need updates at all, keeping you worry free and more secure.

We’ve seen many websites in Cornwall which use a large amount of plugins - not only does this encourage plugin lockin but also will ultimately slow the site as more functionality becomes a burden for the content management system.

As part of our website design service we’ll advise accordingly to your needs on which system would best suit your business and your objectives.

Security at the heart of the system

Whilst we love working with WordPress we also understand that being the most popular CMS in the world also means that it is the most targeted for hacking. Specifically with WordPress we follow best-practice security measures and ensure your WordPress core system can be updated easily. Keeping you safe and secure!

We’ll also provide your site with an SSL certificate to ensure it has an encrypted connection and can be authenticated - giving your URL the secure protocol of https. This is an essential requirement for good search engine optimisation.

If you’re not managing thousands of pages of content, we would assess whether or not WordPress is the best system for you. We offer other content management systems that would provide enhanced security and protection of your content. If you love WordPress then naturally we go with what you want! If your business is based in Cornwall we’re very happy to demonstrate systems face to face equally if you’re not near by then we do a video conference call and demonstrate systems and our thoughts on security via a screen share.

Quick download times

This is highly suspected to be an important factor for affecting your search engine ranking position. We strip back unnecessary code and content to ensure that your new website is as fast as it can be.

The content management system you choose will also have an impact on the performance of your site. As offering a professional website design service it’s our role to make recommendations to you on which system would give you the best performance. Again, if you’re not dealing with thousands of pages of content then we highly recommend that you consider a flat file system such as Jekyll (with Cloud Cannon) or Grav - neither use a database and due to this both systems can provide significant performance improvements as-well-as extra security and protection for your content.

For example, if you were targeting families visiting Cornwall and wanting to learn how to surf, if your website had similar content to a competitors then it is possible that an improvement in performance could support boosting your ranking in the Google.

Naturally, we’re keen to appear well in the search results for website design Cornwall and so we’ve looked at every possible advantage for improving our search engine results. Fort’s website is built using Jekyll, we minimize code and the site is hosted on a super fast content delivery network. We’d be happy to talk you through the process we have used.

Migrating your content

We’ll carefully examine your existing content and look at any inbound links to assess your link equity. Our key objective is to ensure we carefully manage any content that is providing good results in the search engines so that the new landing pages maintain their search engine result page positions.

For example, if you have worked really hard to build the value of a particular landing page so that you appear in the local search engine rankings, perhaps for a keyword phrase including the word Cornwall. Then it is essential that the migration of this page to your new website is paid meticulous attention so that its position in the search engine results pages is maintained or even improved.

This migration of content process is a critical factor for your new website and we take pride in prioritising it and ensuring we do all that we can to maintain performance of your pages in the search engines.

Embedding social media straight out of the box

We’ll code your new site in a way that makes it easy for users to share your content. We’ll discuss with you the social media systems that your targeted audience use and ensure that sharing functionality is prominent and easy to use.

Attention grabbing content, compelling messages…

As a marketing-centred business, we understand the importance of great content. Our approach to website design is to ensure that we provide attention grabbing content that hooks your visitors, preventing them bouncing off your website, and helps to get you found in the search engines plus convert into customers.

Statistics to help you improve performance - tips and tricks…

All our websites come with Google Analytics. On handover to you we’ll give you some tips and tricks for making the most out of this powerful statistics programme so that it can help you improve the future search engine performance of your website. Our website design services go the extra mile with offering you this service as we believe it is vital to the success of your new website.

We’re always keen to monitor our position in the search engine results pages, particularly for keyword phrases such as website design Cornwall and would like to pass on our knowledge to you.

Bespoke design, professionally built

We’re passionate about code and design; we build sites from the ground-up and can therefore achieve the majority of design, functionality and effects (e.g. animation) that you would like. We stay away from templates unless you want a quick cheap job. We’re happy to discuss the return on investment and your budget in this circumstance.

We look forward to hearing your ideas and plans about your new website and discussing how we can make an important profitable impact. We’re based in Falmouth, Cornwall but we’re happy to work with you no matter where you are located.