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In-house coding expertise in a number of different languages, libraries and frameworks. We are available to help with different projects where you might need support for creating new functionality on a freelance programmer basis. We have more than 20 years of combined experience in building different web and mobile applications. Based in Cornwall but happy to work with you no matter where you are located.

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Angular 2+

Angular 2+ developer, skilled in Typescript, RxJS and deploying through Firebase and Netlify

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HTML5 and CreateJS

Creation of cross platform games and web apps using the CreateJS libraries - a great HTML5 game engine

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User Experience

Custom frontend user experiences with Bootstrap, UiKit, Bulma, FxLayout and Material frameworks with the Sass CSS compiler. Templating with Liquid.

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Javascript + jQuery + GSAP

Experienced with plain old javascript and using jQuery as-well-as the GSAP animation library

Freelance Programmer based in Cornwall

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By: Tim Bowerbank
Role: Programmer

Fort has in-house coding expertise in a number of different languages, libraries and frameworks. We are available to help with different projects where you might need bespoke support, for example in creating new functionality or for creating bespoke coding projects from scratch. We have more than 20 years of combined experience in building different web and mobile applications.

We’d be happy to discuss any coding project which requires the following libraries or frameworks.

Angular 2+ Frontend Framework

We’re excited about the opportunities that Angular 2+ offer. This powerful, Google-backed frontend framework, that leverages Typescript, can be used to create performant and powerful web and native apps. In combination with Angular we use Google’s cloud product ‘Firebase’ to create dynamic applications that can be easily deployed through its global content delivery network. We have also used Angular with deployment through Netlify.


We have experience using RxJS, the ‘Reactive Extensions for Javascript’ library. It’s a powerful tool that allows management of complex asynchronous tasks and is a vital library to use when building services for Angular applications.

CreateJS (HTML5 Game Engine) Library

Since 2015 we’ve been using the full suite of CreateJS libraries to create 2D games that support the teaching of literacy skills. CreateJS is a javascript HTML5 game engine that utilizes the features of the HTML5 canvas to create rich interactive content including games and applications that can be played on multiple platforms. Specifically, as part of CreateJS, we’ve extensively used EaselJS, SoundJS, TweenJS and PreloadJS to create fun experiences for children on iPad, Android, desktop and for interactive whiteboards.

All animations have been done in house and spritesheets created through Adobe Animate and TexturePacker. However, as a CreateJS freelance programmer we’re also happy to work with your illustrators and animators whether in Cornwall or wherever they may be.


Liquid was developed by Shopify as a templating language. We’ve used it extensively to create themes with Jekyll - the static site generator.

ActionScript 3 (AS3) Language

We’re passionate about the power of ActionScript3 and have been developing with this API since 2005 - mainly in the field of creating 2D educational games and resources that teach literacy. More recently we’ve used AS3 to create mobile apps using the Starling (the cross platform game engine) and Feathers (responsive user interface components) frameworks - two exciting code libraries which when combined with Adobe AIR allow one code base to run on multiple operating systems (e.g. including iOS and Android). Starling and Feathers maximise the use of device GPU (graphics processing unit) resulting in fast running and smooth applications. We’re available to support freelance AS3 programmer projects across Cornwall and naturally further afield.

We started developing games with AS1, then migrated to the object oriented AS3. All game development prior to 2015 was through Adobe Flash. This extensive Flash experience positions us well for helping you to convert Flash content into HTML5 ready games and applications, bearing in mind that Adobe has announced that browser flash player support will be removed in 2020.

Bootstrap 3, UiKit, Bulma, FxLayout and Material 2 (Sass) Framework

We have used all of the above CSS frameworks to create responsive front end interfaces. In the main this has been in combination with Jekyll or Angular sites and apps. With each project we utilise the power of Sass to minimize the amount of CSS compiled.

Javascript Language and jQuery Library

We’re also able to implement plain old javascript and utilize the jQuery library.

GSAP - Greensock Animation Platform Freelancer

GSAP is a great javascript library for creating HTML5 animations. We’re skilled in creating animations using this tool and would love to be involved in any coding project requiring this library as a freelance GSAP programmer.

RevealJS - the HTML Presentation Framework

Recently we have used the RevealJS library, an HTML presentation framework, to create a storybook with narration for supporting guided reading in schools. The RevealJS library is perfect for creating online presentations and has extensive functionality, for example, slide and fragment events that can invoke extra javascript functions. We used this event management tool to create a simple narration widget that could be combined with the story to allow narration across devices. The widget was created using EaselJS and SoundJS in combination with the event dispatches from RevealJS.

As a Cornwall based business we understand how important it is to be able to communicate with clients that are based outside of the County - powerpoint style presentations can be used effectively to support creating awareness and understanding, particularly useful for complex subjects where potential clients need support to better understand the product or service.

Equally, RevealJS could be used to create menu experiences. For example, Cornwall has many restaurants, many of whom rely on PDFs to present their current menu options. A full screen menu would give customers a better experience, encouraging to them to book.

Using RevealJS and acting as a freelance programmer, we can support you in creating animated presentations which are viewable across a multitude of different devices.

We’d love to hear your coding requirements, get in touch and let us know what you’re planning and we can see if we are able to offer you support with your coding projects on a freelance programmer basis. Please note that we’re located in Falmouth in the county of Cornwall but are happy to work with you wherever you may be based.