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How to create a link for customers to write a Google review

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By: Tim Bowerbank
Role: Marketing Consultant

Marketing Cornwall Knowledge Base

Article level - Introduction
Time to read - 5 minutes

There are many web pages showing you how to create a review link/url for Google My Business. When I came to creating one it took me quite a while as Google has modified its way of working. As of today (16 May 2018) the support docs send you round in a loop. And the other articles don’t work either… they’re out of date!

Sending a customer a review link will make it easier for them to review your business. Reviews have a growing importance on local search engine results.

If you need help to create your link then please follow the steps below.

Step 1: Ensure you have a Google My Business Account 

I’m assuming you have a Google My Business Account… if you don’t then you’ll need to set one up.

Step 2: Identify your PlaceID

A key part of the link you send to your customers is a placeID. It’s a Google unique identifier for your business. This is where I got fox’d… the current docs don’t send you to the place ID finder.

In fact you need to head off to the developers maps platform - PlaceID Finder

In the ‘Enter a location’ map search field, enter the name of your business. In my instance, this was Fort Marketing. From the drop down menu that appears select your business. See the image below… image of google placeid

The map will jump to your location and the pin will show the placeID for your business. See image below.

image of google placeid

You can head back to the original Google help article now and make your link for sending. You’ll need the following url:

Copy your placeID from step 2 to the end of the url (straight after the equals sign and make sure there are no spaces). Use notepad or another text editor to build your review url/link.

There you go… one link that will allow customers to write a review on your MyBusiness account.

Test it to make sure it works! When the page is loading the review panel won’t immediately show… be patient and it will pop up.

Step 4: [Optional] - Shorten it

To make it a shorter link so that it doesn’t get broken when pasted into emails then head over to:

I wanted to use Bitly but it kept throwing errors for the final Google url I was pasting - you might have better luck.

Again, test the link to make sure it works.

Top tip: paste both!

Hope that helps you get lots of lovely reviews from your customers. A review link will make it easier for them to find your Google My Business and has growing importance in local SEO. Let me know if you need a hand…