HTML5 Game for Education

Game developed to support the teaching of capital letters

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An HTML5 Game to support teaching of capital letters

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By: Tim Bowerbank
Role: HTML5 Game Developer

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As an HTML game developer we created a range of games that support the teaching of capital letters. The aim of the game was to make learning this key aspect of literacy as fun as possible, easy to play, and to ensure that the HTML5 game was playable on a wide range of different devices including tablets, desktop computers and interactive whiteboards. From a business point of view, the games have been excellent in creating awareness of the brand, encouraging over 1000 inbound links and sharing via social media.

Play the game

This game has been an essential component for building brand awareness and building inbound links

Converted from Flash to HTML5

Originally this game was developed in Flash for playing in browsers via the Flash Player plugin. With the growth of tablet devices and the decline of Flash Player it was essential to convert this game from Flash to HTML5. All the Flash animation was exported to spritesheets and json data files. During export the animations were optimized for mobile to ensure they are quick to load. Please remember that Adobe is withdrawing Flash Player support in 2020 and therefore we highly recommend that games are converted in HTML5 before then.

Fort will help you convert Flash content into HTML5 games. We’ve been developing since 2005 and we are experienced in managing Flash based content…

Playable across devices and browsers

We’re game developers that like to ensure that our HTML5 games are playable no matter what device the user has and what browser they have installed. We tested this game across multiple devices and browsers to ensure that it played well and naturally to ensure any pre-launch bugs were dealt with.

The HTML5 game was tested across multiple browsers and devices to ensure it provided trouble-free play

Fun functionality to encourage play

The HTML5 game is packed with some neat functionality to ensure smooth and trouble-free playing. Some of the functionality includes.

  • Drag and drop - if target is missed then object animates back into original position
  • HitTests - multiple hit tests across a wide range of game elements
  • Automated marking of answers - game detects when player has reached end of round
  • Undo functionality to ensure that the player can undo their last answer

As HTML5 game developers our role is critical in ensuring that functionality supports the player in progressing through the game with ease.

Funky sound effects

The games animations and functionality had sound effects linked to them including many funky sound effects that encouraged progress through the HTML5 game and also confirms to the player than an event has happened. We used a natural sounding selection of sound effects including - wildlife ambience, natural sound effects for dropping and button presses.

Simple 2D Character Design

The game’s character is called Zed, he is a tortoise inventor who has a shed that he builds gadgets in. We drew Zed from scratch including his tools, the environment where he lives, his shed and his go-kart invention.

Simple character animation

Zed was animated and his animations linked to key activities within the HTML5 game, for example, dragging the looking glass and dropping it on a word, or dragging a tool on to Zed’s shed. His shed and invention were also animated as-well-as the tools spinning to encourage the user to drag and drop them.

Marketing the game

As professional HTML5 game developers we were very keen to ensure that the game was effectively launched and played by as many of the target audience as possible. Fort provided support with development of the game’s landing pages, email marketing and production of other resources that would encourage content. The game ranks highly in google when using the keyword phrases - “Capital letter games” - not just in the main search results but also in other Google channels including ‘images’.

Fort provided support with creating the landing pages for the HTML5 game which now ranks highly in the search engines and is played by thousands of the target audience each week

Here’s a link to the game if you missed it above. Play the game

If you’re thinking of moving forward with a 2D HTML5 game then as game developers we’d love to hear from you and discuss how we could support your business with it. We’re based in Cornwall but we’re happy to work with you wherever you may be.