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Advert design for the Traditional Maritime Skills Project

article author

By: Tim Bowerbank
Role: Design and Marketing

image of final advert

Communication objectives

Advert to promote the launch of a new virtual learning environment to teach traditional boat building skills. Project was funded through the European Union and the project’s partners including Cornwall Marine Network. Advert was placed in Cornwall’s Marine Guide and Directory - an annually produced A5 business directory.


Distributed across Cornwall’s marine hot spots as part of the directory’s distribution.

Printed media

124mm wide x 90mm high


A light weight font was used throughout to complement the heavier weighted font in the project’s logo. Gill Sans was the final font selected, a useful font as it comes with a variety of weights.

Colour Palette

Pale blue was used to complement the colour of the boat in the image.

Artwork Assets

Striking image of Falmouth Working Boat sailing to windward, sourced from Cornwall Marine Network’s extensive marine image bank. Used as a way to draw attention to the advert.


Minimal copy to avoid cluttering the ad and avoid drawing attention away from the headline and subheadings.

Software used

Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

Tim undertook this graphic design project as part of his role as Marketing Manager at Cornwall Marine Network.