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Project brand, leaflets and banner designed for Build a Boat

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By: Tim Bowerbank
Role: Design and Marketing

image of flyer and banner

Communication objectives

This graphic design project created artwork that could be used across a range of marketing activities to quickly announce a new project to the local residents of a housing estate in Cornwall. The A5 leaflet and banner featured above were key components of the project launch.


Door to door distribution of the leaflets within the housing estate. Banners placed on marquees where the boats were going to be built.

Printed media

A5 flyer, 2pp (front and back), 150gsm silk


The popular Rockwell Sketch was used for the main headlines. From a graphic design perspective, this font was chosen as it related well to the D.I.Y theme of the project and was also a striking font well suited for big and bold headlines.Gill sans was used for the main body text, a useful font family as it comes with plenty of different weights that are good for headlines, main and featured text. The fonts provided plenty of contrast next to each other and therefore worked well.

Colour Palette

The complementary palette of colours used was influenced by the aqua marine green often seen in Mounts Bay and the yellow from the sand of Cornish beaches. The yellow was used to emphasize key information and prominent calls to action.

Artwork Assets

Penzance Harbour Lighthouse - hand drawn using Adobe Illustrator. Yacht - acquired from Royalty Free image library Boat - hand drawn in Illustrator from a model version Logos - as supplied by the organisations involved


Minimal copy used on front page to ensure that core messages were easily visible via main headline and bullet points.

Software used

Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator

This leaflet was part of a range of marketing activities that took place to boost participation in the project, including - social media, press related activities, banners and events.

The graphic designed elements were also used in two 4m long banners used on the marquee and for social media banners and posts.

This graphic design project was undertaken by Tim Bowerbank within his role as Marketing Manager at Cornwall Marine Network.