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New DL brochure designed for the CAA

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By: Tim Bowerbank
Role: Design and Marketing

image of final dl brochure for the CAA

Communication objectives

A brochure needed to be graphic designed for the Cornwall Apprenticeship Agency to support their team when presenting the benefits of being an apprentice. This was an essential sales tool during school visits and career shows. The brochure needed to explain in a logical way that there was demand for apprentices from employers, what would be expected from them, provide examples of successful apprentices and how to apply for an apprenticeship.


The brochure has been distributed through the CAA’s marketing channels including school presentations and other events as-well-as enquiries by phone.

Printed media

DL (A4 with c-fold), 6pp, 250gsm silk, matt lamination


Anodyne was selected as a font that would appeal to young people; it was used for the main headlines and for some calls to action. Helvetica was used as the main body font. The two fonts contrasted well and therefore complemented each other.

Colour Palette

Colours matched the existing brand, an extra darker green was introduced to provide more variety of colours that would make the design more appealing.

Artwork Assets

Striking image of paraglider matched with headline of ‘High flyers needed’ sourced from online image library.

How to apply parachute sourced from online vector image library


The main copy text was kept to a minimum however there was a lot to say so it was essential to split the copy into easier to manage chunks. A frequently asked questions section was provided as a separate section clearly distinguishable from the other content.

Software used

Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator

This graphic design project was undertaken by Tim Bowerbank within his role as Marketing Manager at Cornwall Marine Network, Tim also supervised the marketing for the Cornwall Apprenticeship agency.